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Wire Frame Lampshade Trend

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Have you noticed an emerging wire lampshade trend? I've been living in Europe for nearly two years now and definitely see it as a trend over here but what about there in the states? You'll have to comment and let me know… but I've spotted lots of wire frame lampshades being used in home decorating more and more – even in the Australian magazines that I read. Here are some examples of what I'm talking about… After you've checked out my selections below, please let me know if you love or hate them (or somewhere in between!).


Lighting from Anthropologie



Emperors new lamp

Inred med wabi sabi

Wire frame lamp shades from Swedish decorating magazine, Skona Hem. These were made for the shoot, you can recreate the look quite easily by stripping a lampshade and spray painting the frame white.


Rockett St George has a lovely white wire lampshade.

Picture 322

Wire lampshade from House Doctor in Denmark.


Green expert Danny Seo made this fun light for his dining room.


You can also buy the original that Danny based his DIY version off of, designed by Mathieu Challières, lights I've had my eyes on for several years now.


Lampshade DIY

Here is a lampshade that I made for under $12 by wrapping fabric around a vintage frame that I purchased on eBay. Details here.


Black wire shade from Australia designer Koskela.


Another DIY lampshade, this time a shade was stripped and painted pink in a Swedish home.

So tell me, are you on board with this whole wire frame lampshade trend or not?

I love this trend – but definitely when they are done right — either very simple like the Koskela ones or more ornate like the fabric wrapped frame that I made or those gorgeous ones from France with the birds – yum!

(images linked to their source above.)


By HollyBecker
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