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Home Tour: Elizabeth Dinkel’s Brentwood Estate

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Initially attracted by a bedroom completed for a showcase house in Bel Air, the clients hired Elizabeth Dinkel Design to help design their new house for their young, growing family. Elizabeth describes the clients as avid Francophiles, and by combining the design influences of Billy Baldwin and Jansen among others, she managed to create an imaginative reinterpretation of traditional French style in a fresh, young palette. Read on to see how Dinkel merged classical style with modern sensibility:


The client, a successful and prolific movie producer, was very involved with the project since its inception. He and his wife already had a passion for antiques and contemporary art. With Elizabeth’s help, they purchased many more antiques, from their travels throughout Europe. Over the years, he had also amassed a serious collection of modern art that helped create a beautiful backdrop to the more refined look of many of the rooms. To this end, Elizabeth helped merge the clients’ two passions to create an edgier and more unexpected French Regency style.


This project was a ground up construction that replaced the client’s existing Spanish style house that had stood on the same lot. The new 12,0000 square foot home now takes up two contiguous lots which allows for a lush lawn leading to the pool house at the rear of the property. The project took approximately two and a half years to complete with Elizabeth’s firm specifying each layer of the home’s interior and working closely with the architect to compose a beautiful, classical home that will withstand the test of time.


Everyone involved with the project from the clients to the architect and the design firm was committed to making certain no detail was overlooked. Every aspect of the house was planned for the “bigger picture.” Even the living room doubles as a screening room with a hidden drop screen and fully automated room darkening window systems. This meticulous attention to detail evolved into a high style, livable house that meets all the needs of a young, modern family.


By Karli
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